I made this a while back.
really funny to see this, i'm making a blunderbuss, and will post pictures, because i'm having way to much fun in the progress
haha nice
i was looking around the vacant house next to my cousins and found a flintlock pistol that i think is real but i'm not sure.<br />
if you take it into a gunstore you might be able to get it looked at. if it is real you just hit the jackpot. ive seen flintlocks go for 100- 3000 dollars depending on who made it and when it was made. good luck. (:
That's cool, did you take it?
you could probably make this a working model quite easily
what did you make this out of and how long did it take
couple days. i used a 2x4 for the wooded parts, a piece of metal for the "flintlock", and a 1" copper tube for the barrel. i used a belt sander, a reciprocating saw, and a dremel

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