Picture of Flintstones Halloween Costume

You can't miss this special halloween costume of The Flintstones! Very easy to do, as always! Enjoy it! 

You will need.
About two yards of orange fabric
One XL T-shirt
One Tie
Elastic band

Step 1: First Step

First I'm going to make the Fred Flintstone Costume :)

Picture #1 and Picture #2: Make sure that the fabric is long until the knees. Then pin together the fabric.

                                          Asegúrate que la tela sea lo suficientemente larga y ancha. Luego pincha juntas las telas con la ayuda de lso alfileres.

Picture #3 and Picture #4: With the help of another sleeveles T-shirt mark the mold, and cut up the shape of it.

                                           Con la ayuda de una camiseta sin mangas marca el mode y luego cortalo.

Picture #5 and Picture #6: Sew the shoulder and both sides of it

                                          Luego cose los hombros y ambos lados del diseño.

Picture #7 and Picture #8: Don't forget to pin the parts you are going to sew so there for you will have no problems.

                                          No olvides pinchas con los alfileres las partes que vas a coser así te evitas problemas a la hora coserlo en la máquina.

Picture #9 and Picture #10: Use a straight stitch to sew this part

                                            Utiliza una puntada recta para coser esta parte.

Picture #11 and Picture #12: To make the prints grab a cardboard draw the same shape and make like and stencil. With fabric paint black start making it.

                                              Para realizar los prints agarra un pedazo de cartón y dibuja el mismo mode y haz un stencil. Con la pintura para tela empieza a realizar una al lado de otra pero separadas.

Picture #13 and Picture #14 and Picture #15: See how I paint it :)

                                                                        Fijate como los pinte :)

sparkyar1 year ago
Thanks for the bilingual tutorial
Gracias por el tutorial bilingue
cuando la vi a Larissa pense que tambien se disfrazaba Fabbro.jajaja
LoL koke how do you end up appearing in like all websites I read?
merijnvw1 year ago
Haha, how did Larissa Riquelme get into this?
ivanvorobev3 years ago
nice work, nice woman!
I love your work! great job! : )
rachelmaryb3 years ago
Is there anything I could substitute for the elastic?
giannyl (author)  rachelmaryb3 years ago
making it more tight or adding a belt :)
ZoDo3 years ago
Heh heh...do you have a car that goes with these costumes?
andyk753 years ago
Hi Gianny,

nice work! Although might be a bit cold in the late european year. I might prefer dressing up as mammoth... ;-)