Introduction: Flip Animation Accessories Using Arduino

Picture of Flip Animation Accessories Using Arduino

I found a cute touch light at 100 yen shop tried to remodel the accessories :-)
I decided to make the accessories to represent the flip animation in touch light .
It is good to decorate the chest . In addition , it may be held in the hand .

Step 1: Materials/components.

Picture of  Materials/components.
  • Touch light(Cute touch light were found in the 100 yen shop.)
    AAA battery x 2
  • 8x8 Led matrix(Choice the size to enter the touch light .)
  • Arduino Pro Mini.(8Mhz 3.3V)
  • 2.54mm pin header male.(Not required if you want to direct soldering.)
  • 2.54mm pin header female.(Not required if you want to direct soldering.)
  • Push button.
  • Jumper wire.
  • 10K ohm resistors. (Between 1K ohm and 10K ohm.)

Step 2: Design of Circuit Diagram.

Picture of Design of Circuit Diagram.
Touch light is running on two AAA batteries.

So I chose the Arduino of 3.3V · 8Mhz.I connect the battery directly to VCC.
Connected to the RAW If a power touch light of 4.5V that you use .
Use the power switch on the touch light .

I'm using Common-Anode Led Matrix Display.
The pin of the LED Matrix be careful .

Lde Matrix Pin 1 ... Arduino pin 9
Lde Matrix Pin 2 ... arduino pin 8
Lde Matrix Pin 3 ... Arduino pin 7
Lde Matrix Pin 4 ... Arduino pin 6
Lde Matrix Pin 5 ... Arduino pin 5
Lde Matrix Pin 6 ... Arduino pin 4
Lde Matrix Pin 7 ... Arduino pin 3
Lde Matrix Pin 8 ... Arduino pin 2
Lde Matrix Pin 9 ... Arduino pin 17 (A3)
Lde Matrix Pin 10 ... Arduino pin 16 (A2)
Lde Matrix Pin 11 ... Arduino pin 15 (A1)
Lde Matrix Pin 12 ... Arduino pin 14 (A0)
Lde Matrix Pin 13 ... Arduino pin 13
Lde Matrix Pin 14 ... Arduino pin 12
Lde Matrix Pin 15 ... Arduino pin 11
Lde Matrix Pin 16 ... Arduino pin 10
Touch Button ... Arduino pin A4

Step 3: Sketch the Arduino

Step 4: Assembly.

Picture of Assembly.

Put a notch in the switch size to the exterior of the touch light.

Ready and packing .

Step 5: 8 Types of Animation.

Picture of 8 Types of Animation.

Animation will change and press the attachment button .

enjoy! (*^_^*)


КириллО (author)2016-12-17

simple and funny!

Your comment has made me happy.

chyy0906diy (author)2016-05-03


SANUKI UDON (author)chyy0906diy2016-05-04

Thank you for comment:-)

gada888 (author)2016-05-01

nice share

SANUKI UDON (author)gada8882016-05-01

Thank you to share.

I am glad:-)

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