Owners of a Flip HD video camera should be aware of the versatility and the level of customization these lightweight cameras posses. Although the video quality is lesser in comparison to more expensive digital cameras, for not much money and minor handy work, any Flip HD camera can be drastically improved. The most effective way to increase the picture quality and insure the image being captured is what you, the artist, needs for his/her film, is by adding lenses. Some lenses can be bought for less than $10 off bargain sites or online marketplaces, and some can be found in the form of cheap toys and party favors like kaleidoscopes and macro lenses even. This is an economical project beneficial to productivity that doesn't take long and can completely transform the way you use your Flip HD. You may also see helpful tips for using duct tape, an interesting filming instrument, and possible ideas for subject matter and filming techniques.

Step 1: Macro Lens (No Step-up Ring)

Lens and Spacer
To make a cheap macro lens you first need to find a magnifying eye piece. These can be found some times in the cheap toy sections of stores or as party favors. I found this one at an university fair booth. Also you will need a small rubber spacer to insure a tight fit of the lens and the camera face. I used a 3.5cm rubber car tire from a toy car, cut in half horizontally. You will also need a hands length, quarter width strip of of duct tape (more duct tape will be required later).

First attach the tire to the lens. I cut the tire open so that it would fit around the eye piece of the lens. Rip the strip of duct tape just enough to join the tire and lens. The rubber spacer the tire acts as will make the lens, which has a level bottom, fit better on the curved face of the Flip HD camera.
interesting, what was the things name? I might want to get one of those for my phone.
Great idea to play round with but I bought the same thing from E b a y for about $10 with a clamp that held it on the phone It had focus & zoom
This is pretty cool! you should try to fit a suction cup around a lens and see if that would hold it.

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