Step 4: Apply Lens to Camera

Position the hand lens on the camera so it can open and close freely and so the middle of hand lens lines up with the middle of the camera lens when opened. Press on firmly and apply more putty in specific area if necessary.
<p>I think this is a fake, not convincing!</p>
My magnifying glass is PERFECT! I think I will use 2 money snatcher prank devices that will pull the lens upward. A button will open a pin-and-2-holes catch and activate the money snatchers. That saves space since my lens is a 1/4&quot; wider than the flip itself.
That's a very interesting approach! Be sure you post pictures of your final product! I can't wait to see it!
I will try that with a magnifying glass, catches from model train cars, some epoxy (if it works) and a rollorblade bearing. The first step is to see if the glass works.
Very clever!!

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