Picture of Flip Video Macro Lens
If you have the lower end Flip Video camera like me, you know it is extremely hard to take close ups. After reading olivereitalu's Ible, "Take awesome macro photos with your camera phone and a swiss army knife", I  thought of an extremely simple way to solve my problem. The resulting quality isn't perfect, but it is a substantial improvement on the original quality.
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Step 2: Roll Out Putty

Picture of Roll Out Putty
Roll out the poster putty so it is relatively thin and slightly larger than the hand lens in one direction.

Step 3: Apply Putty

Picture of Apply Putty
Position the poster putty on the hand lens enclosure so a little bit hangs off the top and bottom. Then, roll the sides of the putty inwards. This will help the lens stay flat to the camera.

Step 4: Apply Lens to Camera

Picture of Apply Lens to Camera
Position the hand lens on the camera so it can open and close freely and so the middle of hand lens lines up with the middle of the camera lens when opened. Press on firmly and apply more putty in specific area if necessary.