Flip Flop Easy Fix




Introduction: Flip Flop Easy Fix

A no cost way to fix your flip flop

Step 1: Flip Flop Strap Has Pulled Through

uh oh

Anyone who loves a cheap pair of flip flops as I do has had this happen

We push it back through only to find out the foam rubber sole has seen better days.

But there your favorite comfy pair. What to do.

Step 2: The Answer...

Grab any bread, or bun bag and you should find one of these fastners.

They come in different colors n shapes but all pretty much follow the same design

Step 3:

Pull your sandal strap back through this time however attaching the fastner around the strap like so.

Step 4: Result

Your sandal is now ready for many more miles through the mall or grocery store and your feet are happy not to have to break in a brand new uncomfortable pair( for a little while anyway)



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