Picture of Flip-over cover from a cardboard case
At my daughter's birthday she got an electronic keyboard as a present. I wanted to have a flip-over cover for it. I thought to convert the cardboard case that it was packed in to make the cover.
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Step 1: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
Cardboard box,
Tape of any kind,
Velcro strips

Step 2: Split

Picture of Split
Split the box at the seams where it's joined.

Step 3: Cut Flanges

Picture of Cut Flanges
Cut the flanges of the broad end on both the sides.

Step 4: Identify base and lid

Picture of Identify base and lid
Identify the base and the lid part and cut cardboard piece attached to the lid

Step 5: Make the side wall

Picture of Make the side wall
Stick the other two side flanges to the to the side wall and the side wall to the base on both the sides.

Step 6: Stick velcro

Picture of Stick velcro
Cut pieces of velcro and stick them at the appropriate place.
That looks really handy! What a great way to reuse.
conservator (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago