Introduction: FlipBots

You'll need:


Battery holder


4 Paperclips

Tongue Depressor

Plastic cup

Masking Tape

Electrical Tape

Step 1: Tape the Motor

Tape the motor onto the edge of the bottom of the cup. The shaft of the motor should be sticking out past the edge of the cup. Reinforce the first piece of tape with some more tape on either side. Wrap a thin strip of electrical tape around the shaft of the motor (to provide grip).

Step 2: Attach the "Legs"

Take 2 of the paperclips and bend them as shown. The inner curve should be pulled out until it is 90 degrees to the outer curve. Tape the paperclips to the sides of the cup, so they stick out like little legs. These are to keep the flipbot from flipping over too far.

Step 3: Twist the Clips

Twist the other 2 paperclips around the wires of the battery holder. Put the battery in.

Step 4: Tape the Battery and Depressor

Tape the battery onto the cup long-wise and tape the tongue depressor to the cup so that it is perpendicular to the cup, like a wing. Pressing down on one side of the wing or the other should tilt the flipbot over. You should be able to tip the flipbot over to the left and to the right without it rolling back over to one side. The shaft of the motor should be touching the ground at all times, whether it's tipped over left or right.

Step 5: Play

Connect the wires together and let the flipbot go! Tilting the flipbot one way or the other should change the direction it moves in. You can label the direction on the wings.



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