Floam Your IPod


Introduction: Floam Your IPod

Tired of the boring white or silver or maybe even black iPod? Well, for about $8, you can customize your iPod!


iPod ( i used a iPod nano 2nd gen)
Metal iPod case ( in case you need to take it off, dont use it direct on your 'Pod, and rubber dont cut it)
Floam ( i used blue for base and yellow for the shelby stripe)
Pocket knife - optional
LOTSA time - Even for my tiny little iPod nano, it took about 45 mins. to sculp it!!

Step 1: Cover!

Well, pretty straight foward, just wrap it and sculpt around the top and bottom and the screen and wheel.

Step 2: Wait

THIS IS REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let it harden and dry overnite.
Allow 12 hours!

Step 3: Look Cool

Now, the fun part. Go around and show your friends your new FloamPod!

Thanks for reading!
This is my 1st instructable, so dont go nuts because mine is better. :p jk lol

Step 4: Have Fun

have fun



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    28 Discussions

    Don't you find the smell of floam horrible?

    Let me be the first to say: ... "Huh?"

    Seriously, we could use just a tad more information here:

    - what the heck is Floam?
    - how do you apply it, and what do you have to watch out for?
    - why did it take you 45 minutes to sculpt it?
    - how well will this stand up to use.

    and most importantly:

    - where are the step-by-step pictures/instructions?

    7 replies

    On floamit.com look at the links to the other parts of the page and roll over them in this sequence. House - Star - Puddle House - Star - Film - Puddle House - Star - Puddle - Star - House Figure out what song's main guitar riff this is. That is my challenge. First person who guesses right gets a shiny new E-Penny from me to distribute at will.

    Yes, I did google Floam too. And I assume I can find detailed instructions elsewhere online. But that's not really the point, is it?

    Not really, but I figured he could use the link somewhere for someone to follow. You were just pointing out the info he should have included but didn't.

    We googled it too. Looks quite useful, perhaps I'll find some uses for it, and a can of matt black spraypaint should sort the garish colours out.

    very nice - i havnt seen or heard about Floam in forever - this brought back memories. To those who dont understand, Floam is basicly Play-dough : but with a tpye of Foam. It has very small FOam-beads, and a glue-like plaster mix, you shape and scuplt it, and then let it harden overnight (12hours or so) and it is now HARD-Foam. VERY awsome stuff to pimp with.

    "If you have some stuff in a container collecting dust, this might be a good use for it" For what; the stuff, or the Floam, or the dust? I think it would be awesome to deck out an iPod Nano in dust. Zune FTW!

    I hate those damn floam commercials. Nice instructable. Looks cool. Don't think I'd risk trying it. My ipod is simply too expensive. Wouldn't want to ruin it. Its like taking apart your plasma tv screen for fun at the risk of not knowing how to put it back together properly or breaking it.

    4 replies

    But if you knew what you were doing, what would be the point of taking it apart?!?

    Hehe, I take apart my electronics all the time for the fun of it, even thought I may not know if I can put it back together or not, but I've gotten better.

    No, honey, I swear I saw this on instructables. I just need this one little part. The tv will be fiiiine.