"Floating Bed"





Introduction: "Floating Bed"

Growing tired of my boxspring on the floor I decided I wanted to create a bed frame that made it look like the bed was floating above the floor.  I left room for a headboard/lamp idea that I'll be completing in the next couple of weeks.

Step 1: The Planning Stage

I perhaps spent too much time and drew in too many supports  But for my first build of a bed I wanted to be meticulous.


Step 2: A Good Foundation.

I planned everything on to be supported on the main base frame with the second level that supports the box spring to line up on the base level.

Step 3: The Second Level

I built this level to line up with the level below and also added lateral slats across the top to give an even level of support across the box spring

Step 4: Sidewalls

I added side walls that I 'upholstered' in padding and a cotton grey padding.

Stay tuned for my headboard addition in the next little while.  I'm building hidden bedside lamps that swivel out from the top and light switches controlling it hidden behind cloth/foam covered panels.



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Bro. Totally awesome. You should definitely take part in the 4x2 contest.

..This is awesome! I suggest putting lights under the bed, maybe LED strips or something, adding more effects on the floating illusion!

Did you upholster the sidewalls before you attached them? What size are the sidewalls

Here is a pic of the one i built, its not finished but i love it so far..


LEDs look amazing. I've been planning to get some for my project for so long now.

2014-03-15 17.09.55.jpg

Excellent job by the way! Would you mind sharing the plans for the padded headboard you constructed? Masterful work! I'm thoroughly impressed! ;-)

this is my bed finished and I love it! as you can tell I'm also working on a pallet headboard.


I like the leather padding on the sides. I was considering doing the same to mine. I still may reupholster mine with new fabric. with my headboard I ended up making a padded squares. I though of doing something like yours albeit with narrower boards.


First off i wanna say that you did an awsome job making this bed, i love it.. only issue is i have a queen and im guessing this is for a king?