This is a great and affordable centre piece that looks super cute! It could go with any wedding theme!

Things you will need:

  • Flowers of your choice
  • A candle that wont tip on top of water
  • A vase/ bowl

Step 1: Gather Your Flowers,

Go to a flower shop or go on a walk to gather some flowers for your centrepiece.

Step 2: Cut Any Parts Off of Your Flowers That You Don't Want On.

For example, the stems or spots on the petals.

Step 3: Place Your Flowers Into the Water.

They may float, but thats ok.

Step 4: Now Put in the Candle, Light It and You Are All Done!

I hope you enjoyed! I found that the mini candles with metal around them worked well too.

<p>So pretty! I love the purple flowers.</p>
I made one just for myself with a few personal touches. Love the tranquility. Wonderful idea!

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