This past Christmas, my mom told me not to put up our plastic Christmas tree. It was just too much work to set up and clean up after. So, I had a better idea.

Step 1: Materials

-A roll of fishing wire
-Some cardboard

-A broom (to sweep up the glass ornaments you drop and break)
<p>And so easy to put away after the holidays.</p>
You could also &quot;drape&quot; tree lights and garland by tying fishing line at spots along its length (this would require sturdier support above it). My cats would think this was even more awesome than a tree-- lots of hanging toys just for them! -- so I'd probably have to use plastic ornaments to cut down the potential disaster.
<p>That could be awesome. Have you tried it?</p>
<p>This is clever!</p>
That's awesome
Quite clever!!!!
This is a wonderful idea :) So pretty :)
Oh, what a pretty idea!
loved it! The invisible christmas tree!

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