This is a great coffee table for small spaces. The pedestal stand not only makes it appear to float above the floor, but also makes it easy to get close to the table when you're sitting on the couch or the floor. The drawer occupies the whole body of the table; providing ample storage for books, magazines, games, coasters, playing cards: even a humidor (I have all of the above in mine at present). When its closed, you can hardly tell that its there.

The table was designed to be built and assembled using simple tools. In fact, it was built and finished right in the living room of my condo, with most of the cutting being done by my local Home Depot.

The table is composed of three items: the body, the drawer and the pedestal. We'll walk through the construction of each piece separately.

Step 1: The Design

The design is composed of three boxes: the body, the drawer and the pedestal. To keep construction simple, just reinforced butt joints are used and furniture-grade plywood is used to deliver both the finish and reliability (no planing to true-up the wood, no worrying about warping or expansion, dependable thickness).

For the body, three of the sides are composed of plywood mated to a 1x8 pine board that will form the carcass. This will serve dual duty of reinforcing the butt joints and supporting the top and bottom of the table. The three sides are joined on the inside using small brackets attached to the carcass and glue along the touching edges.

The drawer is attached to the fourth side of the body. The outer face of this side is plywood, identical to the rest of the body. The drawer is attached to the center of this side.

The pedestal is a smaller box requiring less reinforcement so it is built without a carcass. 

Here's the list of tools and materials used for each component:

Sides & Top: 3/4" G2S Birch Plywood (Birch is clear and will take any color stain)
Carcass:  1x8" Pine (you can use plywood but pre-drill all screw holes to prevent splitting)
1/2" Brackets
#6 1 1/2"  Wood screws
Bottom: 1/4"  Plywood (any grade)

3/4" G2S Birch Plywood Face
20" Accurride Drawer Slides
1/8" MDF Bottom
1"x6" Pine Sides & Back
#6 1 1/2" Screws
#6 1/2" screws with washers

3/4" G2S Birch Plywood Face
#8 Screws

Water-based Stain
Clear Urethane Coat
3/4" Iron-on Birch Veneer

Saw (optional)
Utility knife / Veneer trimmer
Wood Glue
Wood filler
Clothes Iron

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