Step 13: Touch Ups and Enjoyment

Now you're basically done. Just put the keyboard platform on its guide and place the four stoppers on the ends of the two levels that we set aside in the beginning. This will prevent your keyboard from accidentally falling onto your lap. Once your get your computer set back up, be sure to organize your cables, unlike me. I did, however, take this opportunity to mount my UPS on the wall while I was down there. Much nicer that way.

Now that you're done you can enjoy having a super sturdy computer desk everything at your preferred height and size. Please feel free to make additional comments and suggestions. They are always helpful to other users here.
love the drawer mechanism simple and functional<br>good job
Neat project. I'll be doing something similar. I wasn't sure about your printer placement until I saw the hole in the top for paper. That was a heck of an idea.
cool it be better if it was alumium
A good idea would be to hide the wire trough teh wall :D
Neat! I've got a similar desk project in the works. Good to see we are working along the same lines!

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