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I am loving this new trend. Perfect as I struggle with winged eyeliner so why not just remove it!!

Here is how to get it

Step 1:

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First with a skin toned eyeshadow apply this all over the lid and up into the brow.

Step 2:

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Then with a light grey-brown shadow apply this to the crease with a large fluffy brush making sure it is blended. Then with a darker brown shade do the same thing but keeping it a little lower than the last shadow.

Step 3:

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With a flat brush something where you can draw a line you want to sketch out the outline of where you would normally have your wing and then you can apply the eyeshadow on the rest of the lid and then blend this out.

Then with a black eyeshadow you want to do the same thing keeping it once again a little lower than the other shades making sure to blend blend blend

Step 4:

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Then with a glitter liner apply this along the line that you have created and then with concealer apply this underneath the liner to clean up the line making sure it is very clean and sharp.

Step 5:

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Then apply some mascara on your top and bottom lashes and then apply some false lashes.

Step 6:

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Finally to darken up the eyes a little more apply a black liner in the waterline.


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