Floating Flower Pot From Glass Jar





Introduction: Floating Flower Pot From Glass Jar

you will need:

  • a metal clamp
  • pack of picture hangers
  • screwdriver
  • nails and hammer
  • and the empty jar of your preference, you can use jar from juices, cream, sauce, milk, etc.
    a mason jar would be nice too.

Step 1:

  1. With the screwdriver, adjust the metal clamp around the neck or body of the jar. it is better if you select a part of the jar that is narrow to put into the metal clam.
  2. Next, you'll put the nail inside the hole of the picture hanger, and hammer it to the desired place in your wall
  3. by least, just couple the metal clamp into the picture hanger that is already nailed to the wall. select a nice plant to put there and enjoy.

Step 2: Variants

I know there are variants of this instructable out there, I prefer this minimalist version, but there are some people who like to add a wooden plank to nail the picture hanger into it, or use ribbons, a rope, paint the jar, etc. is your imagination who have the last word.



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    I like the idea I used to hang them, I can use it to hang other things.