Picture of Floating Game/DVD Shelf
Around a few years ago, a buddy of mine saw a article on the internet on how to make a floating game shelf. He showed me a picture of it and asked me to make one for him. This is what I came up with. 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Here is what you need:
An DVD or video game case
Scissors, X-Acto, or Dremel
Phillips screwdriver (or another type, depends on the screw you are using)
L- Brackets (Size does not truly matter as long as it fits in the case and is wide enough to balance the case)
Wall Anchors
Screws compatible with your anchors
Power Drill

Qwkredfox10 months ago

This would be great to surprise my brother with. :) Love it.

GRAMMER POLICE:"An DVD or video game case" should be "A DVD or video game case".
I just got pwned. D:
lhsk8r2 years ago
Grammar nazi alert a DVD or video game case
lhsk8r2 years ago
Y not just put 2 L brackets up and games on top because then you'll have to double case a game
dhenry42 years ago
I was wondering something about the case. If you cut a small hole in the side of the case that snaps closed, isn't there a chance that the case might pop open? I was worried about this and thought to ask before I built this.
ChrisE1232 years ago
You mean "Shelf" right? Not self!
Zaqq (author)  ChrisE1232 years ago
Haha, I was so tired when I wrote this. Thanks for pointing it out.
ChrisE123 Zaqq2 years ago
No problem! You can always change it by using author options!