Floating Ghost!!! Low Cost Easy to Make!!!!





Introduction: Floating Ghost!!! Low Cost Easy to Make!!!!

Reuse those old plastic soda bottles and get a great Halloween decoration at the same time. We love anything that includes repurposing, and this floating ghost is so adorable that you’ll want to make one from every bottle you have on hand. You just need a few basic supplies, and this one is so easy the kids can make it, with adult supervision of course. Go ahead, put those old bottles to use and create this cute little guy to decorate the porch or living room

Step 1: Things You Need:

  • Cheese cloth
  • Scissors
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Small container
  • Splat mat
  • Black felt for eyes and mouth
  • Small terra cotta pot or you can use a regular bottle
  • Styrofoam (1 to fit snuggly inside the pot and 1 large for the head and 2 small for the arms.)
  • Wood dowels

Step 2: Okay Lets Get Started.........

  1. Make a form for your ghost. You can use your own idea too. Insert the large Styrofoam ball into the pot. Insert the dowel into the Styrofoam and add the head to the top.
  2. Insert dowels into the Styrofoam for the arms. Wrap plastic wrap around the Styrofoam so that the cheesecloth won’t stick.If don't find styrofoam use a bottle and other things you can find just to keep the shape of your ghost.
  3. Cut a piece of cheesecloth making sure it is big enough to drape over the form.
  4. Set the pot on the mat in a place where you can leave it over night.
  5. Saturate the cloth with Stiffy and drape over your form. Mold it and shape it the way you like it. Let dry.
  6. Once dry, pull out the form and cut round eyes and a mouth. Glue it to your ghost.

Now its all set and you can place it on table or wherever you want........

Step 3: Finally..........

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Happy Halloween.........

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  • Super fun. Did this ...-frankss1

    frankss1 made it!


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I wonder if this prop is light enough to be supported by a helium filled balloon so will be swayed by moving air.

Ya it will be

Looks great!! Thanks for sharing.

where do you buy cheese cloth?

"Splat mat"? I love it!!

Totally gonna do this soon!