Introduction: "Floating" Graduation Hat Decoration

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This easy, adorable decoration is great for any graduation party! It hangs perfectly and stuns everyone below it. Hats off to this cute DIY!
You will need:
-Construction Paper (black and gold)
-Toilet Paper Roll (1)
-Scissors, Glue, Tape
-Fishing Wire (or gold yarn)
-Gold Yarn (optional)

Step 1: Hat Base

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Cut out 6 one-inch rings from a toilet paper roll. This will make 2 small decorations with 3 hats. Cutting 3 two-inch rings with make one large decoration with 3 hats.

Step 2: Hat Top

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Fold the black paper in half and cut three 3-inch smaller papers from each. Unfold the papers and cut them in half. (This will make 2 strings)

Step 3: Hat Base (II)

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Now, cut a thick strip of black construction paper, about a centimeter wider than the ring. Glue the strips around the rings, comepletly covering it. Trim excess paper.

Step 4: Connecting the Pieces

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Using two small strips of tape, tape each ring onto the paper. I tried using glue at first, yet the rings were too thin to adhere. Then using a sharp tack (works best, unlike pencils which rip and crease the paper), poke a hole in the center of each hat. This is where the wire will go.

Step 5: Hat Decor

Picture of Hat Decor

Cut three strips of gold paper and tape them together. Glue the taped side and tuck it under the ring where it fits. Allow to stick to paper. (I tried, and failed, attempting to braid the paper. Use gold yarn instead if you want.)

Step 6: Details

Picture of Details

On the three strips of paper, write the graduates first name (on the first paper), middle name (on the middle paper), and last name (on the lowest paper). Write the year of graduation above the paper on top.

(Name blurred for privacy purposes)

Step 7: Stringing the Hats

Picture of Stringing the Hats

For each decoration, cut 4 small squares of gold or black paper. Tape one to the end, then string on the hat. Place one in the middle, add the hat, place one below the top, add the hat, and finally tape one last on the top to hold it. This will keep each hat "floating".

Step 8: Finished Product

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There you go! The hats "float" magically on the string and are amazing to hang up during the party. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think!


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