Instead of buying expensive pool LEDs from the store, you can make one in 15 minutes with a few materials. This is guaranteed to work, and is very simple to make.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You will need a few materials to make this project.
1 small clear plastic bottle with the lid
1 battery pack from a old flashlight
Aluminum foil
Glad Press-n-Seal wrap (or opaque Cling- Wrap)
That's a great idea. It might be wise to use a plastic jar instead of a glass jar so you don't have invisible glass shards at the bottom of the pool in the unlikely event that one of your lights breaks. <br>Is the styrofoam necessary? I would think that a jar that large would displace enough water to float on its own. <br>For bonus points, you could use the guts out of one of those solar path lights, and then you could leave it in the pool 24/7!
I like your suggestion better--I feel extremely uncomfortable having glass near a pool.
Wouldn't it pay to also wrap the plastic wrap around the foil-covered lid so the aluminum would be protected from getting wet by accidental splashes or rain? Or to cover the entire unit in plastic?

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