Floating Shoe Rack





Introduction: Floating Shoe Rack

I needed a shoe rack for my closet so I decided to build my own. The j-me floating shoe rack was my inspiration.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials required

Step 2: Bending


Step 3: End Caps

End caps

Step 4: Mounting


Step 5: Finished Product

Finished Product



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    Never thought of this before. Great idea and inspiring

    i like this, the only hick up i see is that if you stack them the residue/ice/water/etc.. with fill the shoe's below, anyone got a suggestion?

    I really like this project and I would like to make one along the back of my closet just below the pants. I'm tired of double stacking my shoes on the floor.

    It would reach a problem when you have those weird fancy very point italian shoes that i have, and maybe those open toe high heel's. But then again I keep my fancy shoes in a box after I polish and clean it , and the ladies that want a shoe rack for their shoes like them in nice cuby holes Have it fused and used with a shoe rack that is like a coat rack on the wall, and that would solve the problem of storing the shoe, but then yould have the bottom of the shoe facing you... If youve read this far, forget the blabber above and Thanks! i like your Idea and the of using wire shelving, And itd be awesome to put a metal plating or some attachment to label which shoe's goe where, or to direc guests.

    Just made 2 of these today with leftover junk from a house we moved into. It was perfect! Thanks for posting this.

    Thank you. This will be great to use for the coming winter boot brigade in my house.

    Great, easy and elegant idea!

    I love the light brown shoes (what brand? do you think I can get it here is Israel?)

    Lola and her best friend are fabulous!!!

    Thank you

    I was just interested to know if this floating shoe rack would work with multiple size 13 shoes on one rack. Other than that this is a great up-cycle project that has great second life use for the materials used !

    I'm sure it would work fine. This stuff is much tougher than it looks. It was extremely difficult to bend by hand. It took two of us to bend it into the "J" shape. Buy the heavy gauge stuff and you should be fine even with heavy footwear.


    Ours will go just above the base board heater for the nordic ski boots!! Awesome work.