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Express your passion for any soda (for whatever reason) by making a hang-able soda bottle decoration.
1- Any soda bottle of any size.
2- Paint (make sure it's the same color as the soda) - spray paint works /gloss is preferred.
3- String or yarn
4- Sharp object for poking a hole in the bottlecap
5- Blow dryer (optional)
6- Any means of hanging the string to your ceiling. I used a large staple.
1- Carefully remove the wrapper using a heat function on the blow dryer to loosen the adhesive.
2- Poke a hole in the center of the bottlecap using the sharp object.
3- Poke the string/yarn through the hole. (use the sharp thing if you have to)
4- Tie a knot in the string on the inside end of the bottlecap. Make sure the knot is larger than the hole.
5- Paint the bottle and let it dry.
6- Wrap the wrapper back around the bottle in the correct spot, using the adhesive on the inside of the wrapper.
7- Screw the bottlecap back on the bottle and hang it to your ceiling (or anything else you want to hang it on)
8- Enjoy your floating soda bottle.


ironsmiter (author)2011-07-11

remember, Coke is dark BROWN, and they never fill the bottles 100% ;-)

Is that one of the new 1.5L bottles?

prosper58 (author)ironsmiter2011-07-12

It's 2L. But when you have a 2L bottle full of coke, it's pretty much black.

estemarito (author)prosper582011-08-11

yeah, it's pretty much black

prosper58 (author)ironsmiter2011-07-12

Oh, and it just looks better to paint it all the way up.

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