We live a little off the beaten path, so getting trick-or-treaters to walk the extra block to our place takes a little work.  Rather than resorting to Hollywood premiere style search lights, this year we floated up some spooky Spirit Lights to try an entice people to make the trek, and it worked extremely well.

This is a very quick and easy project, with huge effect.  Our "spirits" were attracting people from entirely different neighborhoods!

One caution:  If you live near power lines, or it is an excessively breezy night, you should NOT attempt this project.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Required Tools
  • Scissors

  • Very large, BLACK, helium balloon(s)
  • Miniature glow sticks
  • 12" size, white balloons
  • Cheesecloth
  • Spool of fishing line
Not all party stores carry balloons large enough for this, so you may need to ask around.  The ones I used were 3' in diameter, and a little pricey ($14 filled), but well worth it.  I've attempted this before with standard size balloons and it did not work well.  It took three standard balloons just to hold one ghost aloft, and even then it was a little sketchy.  The monster balloons cost a little more, but they can keep up 2 - 4 ghosts each, depending on how many glow sticks you use.

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