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I made this when I was living in leases apartment. I did not want to make holes in to wall.

Step 1: Drawing

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First I draw idea on computer.

pillar: 130cm x 12cm x 8cm

chipboard: 120cm x 50cm x 4cm

Step 2: Then I Realized Idea

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For safety I used a lot of screws:)

Step 3: That's It

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Step 4: Thank You

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Georgiemcluvvin (author)2016-11-08

I love it just what I was looking for. What size is the wood used please

pillar: 130cm x 12cm x 8cm

chipboard: 120cm x 50cm x 4cm

jojopyro (author)2016-11-07

Ok, so you didn't want to out jokes into the walls, but screwing into the hardwood floors was ok?

badousred (author)jojopyro2016-11-07

he did not. it's clearly some wood different from the floor.

diy-master (author)badousred2016-11-07

Hehe, it's true, I used 4-5 cm high chipboard (scrap piece of kitchen countertop)

jojopyro (author)2016-11-07

Dislike the app, cannot see what you're typing and what autocorrect changes it to.. was supposed to say PUT and HOLES

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