Picture of Floating Vanity
This is a fun and chic little vanity that can be inexpensive if you know where to shop! With this antique style making such a resurgence in popularity, you can really 'go for baroque' with this project!
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Step 1: Find an old furniture castoff.

Picture of Find an old furniture castoff.

We enjoy re-purposing and saw this nightstand for sale on some online classifieds for $10. It was looking pretty beat up, but we thought it had good bones and saw it had potential, so picked it up.

Let your imagination go wild! If you've got room for two sinks, pick up a swank, 60's console and upcycle it! They are probably long enough to house two sinks with lots of counter space to spare and a modern shape. A nightstand or end table would work great for a tighter space. Our wee ensuite bath didn't have enough room to swing a cat, so this teeny table was perfect.

Other materials needed for this project: vessel sink, faucet, drill, random screwdrivers & hardware bits, sandpaper, spraypaint, some scrap 2x4...I think that's it. You should be able to re-use your plumbing and supply lines if you aren't changing the height of your sink.

Step 2: Sand well before painting.

Picture of Sand well before painting.
Remove the handles and sand with a rough grit sandpaper to lose the shiny, lacquered finish. Finish up with a finer grit sandpaper. Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies and wipe down well afterwards with a slightly damp cloth. They say the quality of sanding job you do affects the final outcome, and they are right!
ToniRose2 years ago
Great idea making the access point; those clips were an inspiration.

I'm glad you repurposed the blue toilet. My apartment has a seafoam green one, and I may steal it when I move.
Oldbear3 years ago
Sanding after the drilling would make for less touch up.
Oldbear3 years ago
You might be able to swing a cat it there - if it didn't mind a few nasty knocks about the head...

Great Instructable - we're renovating a house soon - and are already searching for a piece like this for our en-suite - that way if it sucks, only we see it - if it works we'll do the same in the basement bathroom.
sunshiine3 years ago
Oh! thank you so much for sharing this ible! Nice work!
kathynv3 years ago
Great job! Just this morning, on one of those, "No One Will Buy Your Crummy House Unless You Do This Our Way" programs on HGTV, they installed a two sink vanities that were similar to your project, except for the ridiculous price - $2,000 for the bottom, and another $800 for the sink bowls -- each! The ones on TV weren't floating like yours, although they showed how to put 2"x4" reinforcements in the wall before installing the cabinet part of the vanity. For the price they were quoting, it would be cheaper to buy a brand new chest and modify it to use as a vanity.

Thanks for sharing your project with us!
jessandstavro (author)  kathynv3 years ago
It's hard not to feel kind of smug, when you see what they spend on those decorating shows! Our sink was $49, faucet around the same, $10 nightstand and three cans of spraypaint...pretty affordable!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
Thanks for these instructions! And that's a very good vantage point for admiring your handiwork. : )
skiedra3 years ago
A great idea made right! Keep up the good work, Stavro!
CaseyCase3 years ago
Nice instructable--I like the floating effect.

Do you have problems with your vessel sink draining? I have heard that since this style of sink has no overflow, it tends to drain poorly.
jessandstavro (author)  CaseyCase3 years ago
This one does have a shiny, chrome overflow, just not pictured. I've seen others though, that don't have the overflow. I think the fancier, clear glass ones you can get don't have it.
You can see the chrome overflow in the second picture.
Fhq CaseyCase3 years ago
I have a similar sink, and I haven't noticed any issues with drainage.
Ward_Nox3 years ago
i'm planing on doing this exact thing in my house i just havent found a good dresser/table i like yet
chouf3 years ago
very nice job ! Good idea to use cupboard door clips
missplumeau3 years ago
Very nice instructable! I did a number like that years ago and didn't take pictures. I knew someone would post something similar on 'Ible. Cheap, easy and the result is so gratifying! Thanks for sharing your project.