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Introduction: Floating Water Proof Speakers

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Was planning a canoe trip with some friends when I stumbled on another instructable of water proof speakers that float. Seemed easy enough to do so I decided to give it a go. I don't eat that much ketchup, so I went with the container I had lying around, a Dutch Boy paint bucket. I used an old pair of Phillips amplified computer speakers for the sound, and used a Zip-lock baggie to water proof the hole for the speaker.

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    The speakers I used had an amp which used three AAA batteries. They lasted the whole three day trip with lots of play.

    yo man that is actualy pretty cool, smart, and use full. im going to go and make one now. would a large coffee can work also?

    this is such an awesome idea!!!!
    is there a way to make it work for surfing?

    NICE! i'll be making one of these too! I'm wondering if you meant Alton, Missouri (MO) and not Alton, Michigan (MI). I've floated that river many a time! i live in springfield. we need more diy-ers like you!

    pretty cool. i made these for work for the people who do the dishes lol

    Used kitty litter for ballast?!?!? As in straight from the litter box?

    Ok, I'm all for recycling, reusing, and re-purposing items, but a bag full of poop and dirt is where I draw the line. LOL!

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    As in straight from the Tidy cat container, brand new never before used. My cat became an outside cat and I have had this new container of litter for almost a year before coming up with this use for it.

    You are correct. The epoxy didn't like to stick to the baggie so I doubled up on the silicone. Also the speaker grilles being screwed on helps hold the seal as well.

    Interesting reuse. I like to use these paint cans for geocaching containers.

    i like how you get a handle when you use the paint can. it would be neat to get a really cheap MP3 player and build it into the contraption as well, since the thing you're probably connecting to said speakers is not waterproof or cheap