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Was planning a canoe trip with some friends when I stumbled on another instructable of water proof speakers that float. Seemed easy enough to do so I decided to give it a go. I don't eat that much ketchup, so I went with the container I had lying around, a Dutch Boy paint bucket. I used an old pair of Phillips amplified computer speakers for the sound, and used a Zip-lock baggie to water proof the hole for the speaker.


oeskor (author)2011-08-14

What powers it?

namrac (author)oeskor2011-08-14

The speakers I used had an amp which used three AAA batteries. They lasted the whole three day trip with lots of play.

Led Man (author)namrac2011-12-04

yo man that is actualy pretty cool, smart, and use full. im going to go and make one now. would a large coffee can work also?

ranaashish (author)2011-10-11


saingworth (author)2011-07-13

this is such an awesome idea!!!!
is there a way to make it work for surfing?

mcmahanly (author)2011-07-07

NICE! i'll be making one of these too! I'm wondering if you meant Alton, Missouri (MO) and not Alton, Michigan (MI). I've floated that river many a time! i live in springfield. we need more diy-ers like you!

ernestmac13 (author)2011-07-06

A PDF would be nice.

stratisfire (author)2011-07-05

pretty cool. i made these for work for the people who do the dishes lol

jaybo2099 (author)2011-07-03

Used kitty litter for ballast?!?!? As in straight from the litter box?

Ok, I'm all for recycling, reusing, and re-purposing items, but a bag full of poop and dirt is where I draw the line. LOL!

namrac (author)jaybo20992011-07-04

As in straight from the Tidy cat container, brand new never before used. My cat became an outside cat and I have had this new container of litter for almost a year before coming up with this use for it.

Retro Correct (author)2011-07-03

Did I miss something? Are these speakers water proof, or does it just not matter if they get wet?

I believe the ziplock baggies are stretched over the speaker, then glued down to from a seal.

namrac (author)leggomylegoeggo2011-07-04

You are correct. The epoxy didn't like to stick to the baggie so I doubled up on the silicone. Also the speaker grilles being screwed on helps hold the seal as well.

I thought that it might be something like that. I wish there was a more elegant solution...

I'm sure there is one, but so far that's the simplest and most effective way found.

dmb321 (author)2011-07-03


infogulch (author)2011-06-30

+ wireless == perfect

splazem (author)2011-06-29


CaseyCase (author)2011-06-29

Interesting reuse. I like to use these paint cans for geocaching containers.

crapflinger (author)2011-06-29

i like how you get a handle when you use the paint can. it would be neat to get a really cheap MP3 player and build it into the contraption as well, since the thing you're probably connecting to said speakers is not waterproof or cheap

mischka (author)2011-06-29

Looks great, but I prefer to listen to the sound of nature beeing outdoors. But it also makes a good swimming pool or beach speaker.

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