Floaty Bag





Introduction: Floaty Bag

.Do you have kids? Did they learn to swim? Then it's time to reuse their floaties ... and make something useful.

What about a nice little bag for you next visit to the pool?

All you need is a pair of floaties, a 20cm zipper and a sewing machine. And it's ok if you buy new floaties for the bag ;)

Step 1: Cut the Unused Floaty

Cut/remove the parts that can't be inflated so that you get 2 pieces like the ones in the picture.

Step 2: Sewing the Zipper and the Sides

Start by sewing the zipper along the long side of the floaty and take care that they are oriented in the same direction.

Then turn it around (white side out) and sew the side walls together. Open the zipper halfway and sew the bottom.

Now turn it from inside out and enjoy your floaty bag for a minute.

Step 3: Optional: Sew the Corners for a Better Stand

Until now, the bag can't stand on it's own. If you want to change it then bring the inside out again (the white).Push the edges and make a seam roughly 2 cm from each edge (see the picture for a detailed view). After you made the two seams bring it back to it's final way and you are done!



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What a nice idea!

This is adorable! Awesome+ original idea!