Step 4:

 Cut small notches in the base of the dunking bird (to accept the Peltier cells).
They are ubergeek, thats what makes them AWESOME!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Great Ible,<br /> <br /> Thanks!<br />
no, geeks like innovative solutions that work.<br>Fanboys like solutions only they and a few others can use in order to make them feel elite.<br>Fun clock though, even if it's complicated to read
Troll alert :P
No, just a proud geek.<br>Same as how the guy who fixes my car is not an engineer, he's a mechanic.<br>You can't claim fanboys aren't defined by their smug elitism.<br>I'm not trolling, just looking to better define and use terms.
Nice job...but if I lose so much time to understant what time is I waste my time...so simple you see????<br><br>:)<br>
Binary Clocks are ubergeek...&nbsp; Drinking birds are ubergeek.&nbsp; The combination is unfathomable.<br /> <br /> You, sir, have quite possibly created the single coolest thing in existence.&nbsp; I&nbsp;gotta make one of these to sit on my fireplace mantel.&nbsp; :D<br />
Thank you!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> If you use a 12 ohm 3 watt resistor for heat, you can save a lot of money (and probably mount them more easily than Peltier cells).&nbsp; The start/stop response of a resistor is better--but&nbsp;resistors do get pretty hot and smelly.&nbsp; I haven't tried one long enough to see if the odor ever goes away. If you control the heaters with a power transistor, you could eliminate relays, diodes, sockets (cost and labor).<br /> <br /> The photos really don't capture the &quot;technosexy&quot; look . . . and the thing is fascinating even to those (most people) who don't want to tackle reading the time.<br /> <br />
(5 stars btw)<br />
what a bizare instructable ! full marks for effort, not so sure on practicality but then perhaps this wasnt supposed to be practical !<br />
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&nbsp;Which ones are male and which ones are female?
&nbsp;Blue for boys--pink for girls
I have a suggestion for those who may not have a box of Peltier devices around. Why not just use power resistors? All we need is some heat, here, not the heat and cold produced by the Peltier. You could cut the cost down by nearly $150 USD! Just a thought, folks.
incredible and totally awesome.<br /> i would have a hard time to tell the time in the morning.<br /> <br /> wouldnt it be nice to have that one on your wrist :)<br />
Drinking birds, peltier devices and time-keeping is something you would never expect to find in the same project, but you've done it ooooh sooooo successfully.<br /> Brilliant lateral thinking!<br /> <small>(I&nbsp;never realised they came in 'male' and 'female' varieties.&nbsp; I assumed that my recent 'male' one was a safer replacement fluid than the 'female' one I&nbsp;had years ago #;&not;)</small><br />
Oh wow. This is great.<br />
That's wild!&nbsp;<br /> Here is a thought: by the time one figures out what time it is with your fabulous contraption, that time is long gone. Which leads one to realize that time is fleeting. Conclusion: Carpe diem, enjoy the day, smell the roses, create wild things...like this clock.<br /> Thank you for sharing it so&nbsp;diligently! 5*<br /> <br />
Nice crazy clock.<br />
Wow, and I thought one of these things was cool. If you arranged it in an orderly fashion on a shelf or little case for each one, it would look even better!<br />
&nbsp;I quite agree with randofo! &nbsp;<br /> <br /> This is the ultimate in geek clocks!<br />
This is totally useless for telling the time, but just plain awesome! Good job (<em>Five Stars</em>!)<br />
Actually, it's not useless, it's <em>impractical</em>! Sorry!<br />
I think you have just blown my mind! Thank you for sharing this.<br />

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