This is flone 3.0: an Open Source Drone Ecosystem.

After the first release of our award winning flone 1.0 instructable three years ago, we made a lot of work.

Flone is a powerful, compact, and smart design of a low-cost quadcopter that can carry easily an smartphone, or a camera in a gimbal, and much more.

The flone ecosystem is composed by:

* SVG files for produce a low cost quadcopter with a laser cutter.

* Android App for control the quadcopter.

* Cut files of a servo gimbal for a camera.

* Instructions and cutting files of atransportation box.

Software is licensed by GPL v3. Frame and the rest of elements are licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA.

The construction process has moving parts, configuration files, brushless motor test, and much more. Let's go there!

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Step 1: Adquire Materials

Security First
Making mistakes building or operating a drone is normal, sometimes there are accidents. To avoid them, we must follow some safety rules before starting to fly. Only when you know what you are doing, last element to be placed in the quadcopter are propellers, and check that everything is OK before plug the LiPo battery.

Parts List

The difficulty of getting the components to build a flone is highly variable from one country to another. Overall in United States and Europe can be achieved without major problems, but there are other countries that can be held in customs or lead high taxes.

Download the frame and cut in a Fablab or Makerspace near you, or customize the file using the open source tools you know and love. The best material is 30x30cm 5mm plywood, but you can use also MDF or even 3D print-it.

For the electronics you can buy them from different stores like hobbyking, banggod, goodluckbuy or ebay. We share this table as a reference:

Frame Files for laser cut in frame.flone.cc or 3D print files from Thingiverse. $ 5~20

Flight ControllerNaze32 rev6 10DOF with 32-bit STM32 $17.89

4 x Brushless Motor EMAX CF2812 1400KV Brushless Motor $35.04

4 x ESCs SimonK 10A ESC with BEC $20.44

2 x Propellers3-Blade Propeller 6x4.5 (CW/CCW) $4.10

BatteryLipo 1500mah 3S 40C $15.69

RadioLinkBluetooth Module (Level 5v) $8.99

4 x Propeller MountPropeller Adapter (Collet Type) 3mm $4.80

Battery PlugXT60 Male Female Bullet Connectors Plugs $1.19

Total (without shipping cost) $118

<p>Is Flone still in business? The last video, comment, or code update are from 2014.</p>
is there any way to make this drone follow you?
<p>Could you please give more details on installing software, tuning, etc.?</p>
<p>very nice guys.love it!!</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>We had the frame cut for 6mm thick plywood, but the files we used turned out too big! The whole board the pieces were lasered from measured 37 x 37cm. We scaled this down to 30 x 30cm and then it was alright. Looks very nice, only the piece to hold the battery connector does not fit and we can not see in the instructions how to mount.</p>
Yes, sorry, depends of the software when you open it can change the dimensions, you should always check the right scale 300 x 300.<br>You should glue it below the frame, placing inside the xt60 connector.<br><br>If you have more questions please use our forums:<br>http://forum.flone.cc<br><br>Regards
<p>hello this is lakshman raj ,you can call me as raj .I am in India ,a state called tamil nadu</p><p>were i live in ,for this drone you made we should have any phone on the drone .please </p><p>reply as fast as possible.Can i have your gmail ID for information about the drone </p>
Hi Raj.<br>You don't need to put any phone on the drone, only if you want to take pictures.<br><br>For future questions, please ask in http://forum.flone.cc<br><br>Regards
<p>wouu that's a super project, I would like to know, what is the max distance that the dron can fly. Another question, you connected the two smartphones via Bluetooth and then the smartphone in the drone connect to the bluetooth that control the board?</p>
<p>The best project Drone World !!!</p>
<p>Very nice work! Thanks for that. </p><p>Just missing some words about Bluetooth hack and PID tuning. </p><p>But in general appreciate a lot of great work behind. Congrats.</p>
<p>Thats awseome!!! bring on a laser cutter...:)</p>
Fan tech 7618803821
This is pretty interesting. I wish I had a laser cutter though.

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