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Flone is a H airframe for flying smartphones.
Video of maiden flight:

It haves the place for a minimal setup:
* Android smartphone.
* Multiwii/Arduino flight controller.
* Mini Power Distribution Board.
* DSM2 Controller
* 4 motors
* 4 ESC
* Batery.

We enjoy designing it, it's well balanced and haves the space for a clear field of view of the camera.

The design includes a tiny Flone PDB integrating airframe and XT60 power connector.


Get updated with new improvements in the airframe and the Android App in the webpage of the project:

We plan to release the first version of flone software under GPL around the end of 2013.

The app for ly the smartphone is available in:



Organized by:
Telefonica I+D
LABoral centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Step 1: Obtain Materials

Purchase of materials.

You can download the flone dxf file in their thingiverse repository:

You'll have to look for a local or online store to purchase the materials. We provide you links to Hobbyking as a reference.

Item     Where to shop Price ($)

HK 3S 1500 mAh Battery   HK Link  8.2
MicroWii Flight Controller  HK Link  33.9
4 x Electric Speed ​​Controllers  HK Link   4 x 9.24
Pair of black propellers 6x4.5 HK Link  1.82
Pair of orange propellers 6x4.5 HK Link  1.82
Anti vibration sponge   HK Link   1.5
Anti vibration adhesive    HK Link  1.99
Male XT60 connector   HK Link  1.92
4 x  Spacers  Local store 1
M3 Screws  Local store 1
Elastic ribbon      Local store  1
Foam Legs         Local store  1

<p>Is Flone still in business?</p>
We are still doing different projects with flone hardware and software.<br>We mainly publish our activity in flone facebook page:<br>https://www.facebook.com/floneflyingphone/
<p>This is a fantastic idea! I love it.</p>
<p>This is a fantastic idea! I love it.</p>
<p>Has anyone released this as a kit? would be super cool to build</p>
We released flone 3.0:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Flone-30/<br><br>There is a contest, we want to win the laser cutter to make it as a kit :)
<p>Nice work!</p><p>Which flight controllers can I use as an alternative?</p>
<p>This is one of the better drone designs I have seen on here.</p>
<p>Very good idea. I would like to make it</p>
<p>Hyyyy,what is the airframe made of?? is it wooden?</p>
<p>awesome work</p>
<p>I like this.</p>
<p>I like it.</p>
<p>Like this.</p>
<p>hello,please where can i get the airframe laser cutter fille.thanks and congrats for the projects.</p>
<p>im sorry but i wouldnt trust my phone with it</p>
<p>hi i want to create that projet and i want to ask what kind of motors did you use??</p><p>and where i can buy it?</p><p>the last thing can i have the circuit schema??</p><p>thanks</p>
<p><a href="http://flone.aeracoop.net/doc/wiki/listado-de-materiales/" rel="nofollow">http://flone.aeracoop.net/doc/wiki/listado-de-mate...</a></p><p>in this page is all that you need</p>
<p>Wonderful, not sure i'd trust my phone with it though!</p>
<p>Innovative instructable. Thank you for exploring with us.</p>
<p>that's a really cool looking drone</p>
<p>Extraordinary Work.</p>
<p>excellent work.</p>
<p>Fabulous work.</p>
<p>Superb work</p>
<p>great spot</p>
<p>Hi everybody,</p><p>We are <br>still developing more features for Flone. We are proud to announce that it will be available soon (2015) in our <br>shop as a mounting kit or Ready to Fly by the ones of you who are not familiar <br>with electronics. RTF price will be lower but close to 300$</p><p>We will communicate with you as soon as Flone is <br>available in our shop, and when all gets ready. We will complete the DIY instructions too because we saw there are some doubts.</p><p>Is still somebody interested buying a RTF Flone?</p><p>Is there anyone interested buying the mounting kit and attend to an on-line DIY class?</p>
<p>Great news Chaps! Count me in for when the kits are ready. Good luck!</p>
Who are you?
<p>great work</p>
outstanding work.
aeracoop where do u belong to??
<p>cool work.</p>
<p>Superb one.</p>
<p>nice one.</p>
<p>really nice</p>
<p>superb work.</p>
<p>Extra ordinary Work.</p>
<p>Super cool</p>
<p>Nice Work Great Job sir.</p>
<p>good work.</p>
<p>good work.</p>
<p>Great one. <br></p>
<p>good work.</p>
<p>nice work.</p>
<p>Superb work.</p>

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