Flonine's K'nex Creations (some of My Knex Guns Swords Etc.)

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Introduction: Flonine's K'nex Creations (some of My Knex Guns Swords Etc.)

just some pics of my creations.
All credit goes to othersexcept for the crossbow
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    Most are made by other people

    what is the first one called?

    knex p90.

    this is not your gun it is guntotoriales dont post others work. and just becuase you add a scope it still is not yours.

    yep said that in the descrip reading is a good thing Mr. Hooked on phonics

    The p90 has already been made by someone else, you just copied it.

    None of this is actually your creation..
    At least give credits to the real makers..

    all of them are bad except for the xbow and the pump action p90

    umm...that doesn't even LOOK like a P90 to me...for one thing, the trigger on a P90 is at the front, the ammo gets loaded along the top (mag extends back along the top of the gun) and the sights are at the very front of the gun.
    again, looks NOTHING like a P90 to me.