pics of my crossbow
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The whole body other than the trigger was made by someone else... Not him
are u ever going to post instructions <br>
one question, where does the projectile go?
ill add a pic<br>
this looks like he took the one on youtube and changed the firing handle
hey i cant find any in structinons do u have any <br>
You can make this from the pics.
But it looks nice <br>
That is not yours its <br>themistersblackfire on youtube <br>
Theres a video for one almost identical to it on youtube.
thats cool
can u tell me the link for the video my youtube and do it quick
you should show us how to build it man
K ill make a instructable on how to ok? :^)
when are u going to post the instructions tell me because u have the best crossbow on the site
i dont have an exact date yet will get back to you
Thx for the awesome comments guys i appreciate them btw ill have the instructions soon with school starting it will be hard tho
thats awesome
nice!<br />
cool 4*<br />

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