Flonines Knex Pistol




Introduction: Flonines Knex Pistol

This is really DJ Radios gun but i liked it alot so i made a video.
(DJ Radio all. credit goes to you and only you)
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    you must really like i carly or somethin cause i heard it in the background again. ps 5*

    1 reply

    i made that like 2 years ago

    It's really dark in the video.  Glad you like my pistol.

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    i really like it by the way could you subscribe to me? I would appreciate it

    I only subscribe to people who's work I really like.  Make some original good quality stuff, and sure, one day I will sub you.

    yo i modded the jackal v4 and im thinking of posing it if its ok with you?

    That is fine, as long as I get credit for making the original gun.

    kay thx

    i like the pistol too.

    Hey, Flonine see if you can make a knex pistol with no yellow connectors.

    1 reply

    its dj radios design

    What I can't believe is how this shows up on page 1 of Google if you search "Knex gun", but mine doesn't show up even though its a video of my gun.

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    lol sry

    Oh by the way, it seems like you assembled the trigger wrong when I look at the thumbnail for this video.  It's not supposed to be at that angle, even if the pin is pulled back.