Picture of Floofy Pom-Pom Sheep
This cozy, no-sew sheep has crocheted limbs and head and a pom-pom body.

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Step 1: You'll need...

Picture of You'll need...
Two colours of yarn - one for the body and one for the appendages
A pom-pom maker (the one I used was fancy and hinged, but you can also use two cardboard doughnut shapes)
A crochet hook (to match the size of the yarn you are using for the legs and head)

Step 2: Crochet the Legs

Picture of Crochet the Legs
Crochet 6 sc in a magic ring
Crochet 1 sc in each stitch around until the leg is the length you want it, mine were short and stubby and only two rounds of this.
Change to the body colour and do one more round of 1 sc in each stitch. Make sure that you start and end with lots of extra yarn.

Tie the two long ends together, and tuck any other loose ends into the leg. Make sure to keep the two strands that are to body colour loose, as you'll need them to join the legs to the body.

Make three more for a total of 4 legs.

(I am using the American terminology, so sc, or single crochet, is done like this)
Thats too cute!
Thats too cute!
Yoshi cat2 years ago
I love that sheep!