Picture of Floor Cleaning Robot
In this instructable you will be building a simple floor cleaning robot.

A similar instructable was published before:

The robot will move like shown in the videos:

You will need:
 - brush
 - AA battery holder
 - 3 V motor
 - plasticine/play dough or blue tag
 - short piece of thick wire
 - small wheel or part of wheel (to attach to motor)
 - rubber band
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Step 1: Brush

Picture of Brush
Place a piece of plasticine on to the brush.

Step 2: Battery holder

Picture of Battery holder
Attach the battery holder onto the brush.

Step 3: Motor

Picture of Motor
Attach the motor with plasticine on to the battery holder.

Attach a piece of stripped wire (I used transparent) to motor armature as show in the figure.

Step 4: Wires

Picture of Wires
Attach wires and piece of wheel to motor.

Step 5: Complete

Picture of Complete
Now to robot is complete. All you have to do is flip the switch.

You can rotate the motor to control the direction of movement.

The robot will move like shown in the videos:

Awesome, now lets make some really big ones.

You can use hot glue and some other kind of system to change direction. This actually won't clean your floor. It's just something fun to screw around with
mark.glickman (author) 2 years ago
what do you mean by "vid"?
bridgerbla2 years ago
sweetness could you make vid for it