In this instructable you will be building a simple floor cleaning robot.

A similar instructable was published before: http://www.instructables.com/id/Big-3-Solderless-Bristle-bot

The robot will move like shown in the videos:



You will need:
 - brush
 - AA battery holder
 - 3 V motor
 - plasticine/play dough or blue tag
 - short piece of thick wire
 - small wheel or part of wheel (to attach to motor)
 - rubber band

Step 1: Brush

Place a piece of plasticine on to the brush.
But dude how its work
<p>Awesome, now lets make some really big ones.</p>
<p>This is so cool! Can this robot do floor polishing? This would save me a ton of time and bending over if it did. Thanks for sharing!<br><br>Dorthy Packer | &lt;a href='http://www.rivergumfloors.com.au/maintinence/' &gt; http://www.rivergumfloors.com.au/maintinence/&lt;/a&gt;</p>
You can use hot glue and some other kind of system to change direction. This actually won't clean your floor. It's just something fun to screw around with
what do you mean by &quot;vid&quot;?
sweetness could you make vid for it

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