Step 5: Add the Dustpan

Now you can add the dustpan. First cut the handle and a few inches off the back so it can fit in the frame. Then cut the sides down so it is about an inch and a half tall. I used a saber saw to cut the handle off, and used a cast saw to cut down the sides, but a hand saw would work fine. Then take a thin piece of wood and cut it so it matches the opening where the handle used to be, and use hot glue to stick it on. Next take a soldering iron and poke a little hole through both sides of the dustpan, about an inch away from the back, and a centimeter away from the top.  Then cut  a 6 inch piece of bailing wire, thread half of it through one hole, and fold it so the two ends meet.  Do this for both sides. Then place the dustpan under the frame right up against the paint roller, and wrap the wire up around the horizontal beam. When you are done, the pan should be able to rotate so you can more easily dump it into the trash.
Have you updated this yet? I am going to make this.
this system use arduino uno microcontroller ? can i make this robot using arduino uno?
This project uses a vex pic microcontroller, but you could change the code and the sensors you use to make it work with arduino. I used vex parts since I already had them, but you can replace any of the parts with others to fit your needs.
can i ask for the advantages and disadvantages?
First, this was a great way for a young person like me to learn how to design, program, and test out a robot. The advantages are that it can clean the floor very effectively, and without anyone having to control it. It can not just collect crumbs and dirt but actually scrub the floor by moving a mop back and forth.<br> The only disadvantages of this design are that you have to put a line on the floor, but I am working on a system to navigate using an ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance away from the walls. The other thing is that you have to manually control the water flow, but I hope to update this instructable by adding how to control the water with the microcontroller.
k thanks =)
Very creative with the use of every day items. There is a lot more going on that meets the eye. The bot is following a line, moving the mop head back and forth, driving the sweep roller in the front and diving the wheels in the back to keep the bot on course. WOW! well done!
very creative!
I like it - looks useful!
is it 3 vex line sensor kit?
Yes, the kit has three sensors in it. <a href="http://www.vexrobotics.com/products/accessories/sensors/276-2154.html">Here is a link to the kit</a>

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