Step 2: Drawing the circles

Picture of Drawing the circles
I did this project several years ago, so most of the photographs are missing. As a substitute  I am using several small sketches to get the idea across.
I decided on a 35 inch diameter inlay, since that was all the would fit on my piece of 40 inch by 48 inch piece of gypsum board. On this board, I placed 2 sheets of 24 inch by 35 inch presentation paper, taped in the middle to cover the entire board.
To draw the circles of the inlay, make yourself a compass from a piece of wood similiar to a yard stick, cut off at about 20 inches. Drive a 3 inch nail at one end and drill holes along the length of the compass at the various places ( given below) to accomodate a lead pencil. 
Next find the centre of the inlay. Draw a line side to side on the paper. Draw a second line perpendicular to first. Draw all the circles using this intersect as your centre. To duplicate what I did, draw circles using the numbers below as the radius of each circle. You can alter any of these to suit your own requirements. I
used 7 circles.
rad1: 2-3/4 inch   rad2: 2-7/8 inch    rad3: 3-3/4 inch
rad4: 6-1/4 inch   rad5: 6-7/8 inch    rad6: 10-5/8 inch
rad7: 17-1/2 inch