Step 2: Drawing the Circles

I did this project several years ago, so most of the photographs are missing. As a substitute  I am using several small sketches to get the idea across.
I decided on a 35 inch diameter inlay, since that was all the would fit on my piece of 40 inch by 48 inch piece of gypsum board. On this board, I placed 2 sheets of 24 inch by 35 inch presentation paper, taped in the middle to cover the entire board.
To draw the circles of the inlay, make yourself a compass from a piece of wood similiar to a yard stick, cut off at about 20 inches. Drive a 3 inch nail at one end and drill holes along the length of the compass at the various places ( given below) to accomodate a lead pencil. 
Next find the centre of the inlay. Draw a line side to side on the paper. Draw a second line perpendicular to first. Draw all the circles using this intersect as your centre. To duplicate what I did, draw circles using the numbers below as the radius of each circle. You can alter any of these to suit your own requirements. I
used 7 circles.
rad1: 2-3/4 inch   rad2: 2-7/8 inch    rad3: 3-3/4 inch
rad4: 6-1/4 inch   rad5: 6-7/8 inch    rad6: 10-5/8 inch
rad7: 17-1/2 inch
Would be fun to do this with peel and stick laminate tile pieces X3
Looks Great! It really changes the look of the place, well worth the work. Nice Job!
fantastic - faved!
Beautiful! and great instructable too!
I always imagined this to be hard, but with the clear directions, I feel <em>I</em> could even do this!
I feel like this could be the slogan for Instructables.
Thanks, I am pleased you found the instructions useful. I hope you do take a crack at it. It is not the purest appproach to mosaics but I sure enjoyed making it.
Amazing work!
Thank you
Awesome. I love all the tips on how to fix things when they go wonky and how to properly do it from the beginning. :)
Coming from a Pro like yourself with 92 contributions, that is great praise! I have found making mistakes when you first try a technique is one of the best ways to learn. The mosaic techniques I read about were scaring the liver out of me. This project put the tasks into perspective. Many thanks for your comment
Great project! You must be a patient and persistant craftsman. Your work shows it.<br><br><br>
Many thanks for your comment
wow, great workmanship!
Again praise from another Pro. You guys are awesome, and I really value the comments. Thanks
All you Pros with multiple entries making kind remarks is very encouraging. Thanks
wonderful :)
Thank you.
Thank you

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