Floor Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Version #13





Introduction: Floor Vacuum Cleaner Robot. Version #13

This robot has vertical container which collects dust using 12 volts cooler turbine. 

Most parts were bought on eBay.

It is controlled by Arduino board with very simple algorithm.

3 to 6 volts motors are used for moving. H-Bridge motor driver on HG7881 - a board controlling motors.

Base was made from plastic kitchen board - soft enough to be drilled, sawn and cut without much efforts.

Lithium battery (with solar cell) gives 5 volts and allows to work the robot about one hour.

Step-up circuit provides 12 volts to a turbine which collects dust. This circuit is made using standard design of MC34063 and induction.

Too tall - more than 12 centimeters (should be 11 cm maximum to go under a sofa).
Too slow - gear mounted on motors has too high ratio.

Other cons can be fixed:
thin bumper, simple algorithm for moving, no sensor on getting stuck.



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    can u share the complete details regarding this project.

    the info you provided isn't sufficient to build this robot.

    please help.

    hii i'm new user ..i want to build this projet.can i get the detail for this project?

    Which details you'd like to know?

    i need to know about the schematic for this program and the component to build this project,really need your help

    I restored schema by pictures (but it might have mistakes).


    tq for your schema picture,it very help me..what do mean by a mistake?

    When bumpers are not pressed and a motor is rotated wrong direction - swap wires for this motor in a green connector of the motor driver.
    If motors run in correct direction but when one of bumpers is hit (pressed) and the robot is turned wrong direction (an opposite to what was expected) - swap wires connected to Arduino connectors 7 and 8.

    can i use 'arduino uno' instead of 'arduino leonardo'? should need to made any change in programming for it?(not asking for pin confugiration,..terms of void loops etc) if any,please explain

    can i use more than one computer cooler fan for cleanning large area? or can you suggest anything else that is working on 12v or 5v?

    what kind of vacuum are used in romba?

    I did not work with different type if Arduino but if they are compatible - they should work without modifications of this program (not sure).
    Two coolers is a good option to increase performance even though this will increase power consuming as well.
    Roomba has relatively small vacuum turbine because it uses rotating brush as a major cleaning tool. I used such approach on one of previouse prototypes and it worked well - a rotating brush throw dust to a dustbin and vacuum did not allow dust go away. But this is mire noisy approach.

    i asked robotics parts manufacture.they told me that i can work with 2 ultrasonic sensor with arduino leonardo that give complate wall and object detection performance.
    they also suggest me i can use two ultra sensor with some other pins given on board(except 2,3,4,5,7,8 that we used for bumpers and other purposes)

    is it right and possible to use two ultra sensor with pins expcept 2,3,4,5,7,8 (means there are availability of pins for two ultra sensors? if yes then which are they?)

    coz i haven't purchase arduino because of this confusion.