Introduction: FloorKnob - Hands Free Doorknob

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A home-made FloorKnob will allow you to open most doors hands-free. This simple design is made of common household materials and can be non-destructively mounted to almost any doorknob or door handle.

To make one, you will need:

14" x 11" sheet of cardboard.

6' thin, strong cord (5/32" diameter paracord used in instructions)

3M poster hanging command strip


Required Tools:



Box cutter or crafting blade

Lighter (for cord if applicable)

Step 1: Cardboard

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Cut out a 14”x11” piece of cardboard.
If necessary, align pre-existing folds in the cardboard with the folds to be made.

Step 2: Cardboard

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Cut along dash-dot lines, discarding corners.

Step 3: Cardboard

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Fold Flap B underneath, creasing along the dashed line. Use a sharp tool to score the cardboard without cutting through to guide the fold if necessary.

Step 4: Cardboard

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Fold Flaps D and E inward along dotted lines and unfold.

Step 5: Cardboard

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Reinforce the indicated regions of Flap A with tape, folding the tape around the edges to cover both sides.

Step 6: Cardboard

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Fold Flaps C and D downward along dotted line, scoring the cardboard as necessary.

Step 7: Cardboard

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Lift cardboard and refold Flaps D and E to meet Flap B. Punch two holes approximately 1” inward in each direction from the corners of Flap C.

Step 8: Cord

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Thread cord through the back of one hole, then under Flap A and through the front of the other hole. Tie a knot to secure. Tape joints and loose flaps securely.

Step 9: Cord Guide

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Assemble and tape a cord guide if desired. This will keep the foot piece from swinging or getting between the door and the door frame. Attach it to the door with a command strip at roughly a foot above the ground. It may be advisable to mount this after the final height above the floor is chosen.

Step 10: Doorknob Attachment

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Use scissors to cut a 3M poster command strip in half lengthwise. Attach the "wall side" adhesive to the top of the doorknob shaft. Expose the "poster side" adhesive and lay a section of cord on top. Wrap the cord tightly around the shaft at least five times such that the cord hangs off of the side not facing the door frame. Leave about six inches between the foot attachment and the floor.

Step 11: Complete!

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Hands-free Open Door Policy!


Akin Yildiz (author)2014-12-14

this is great. extremely simple + cheap solution. maybe even dogs can be trained to help out using such an attachment !! thank you for sharing

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