After I finished the instructable for a dollhouse I made for my daughter, I wanted to make something new. Practically enough, her birthday was coming up and she also was going to need a bigger bed. Combine those two things, with the fact that my wife and I are interested in montessori education and the parenting style that comes with it, a floor bed was the logical result. We decided to use a mattress that was 80 cm wide and 160 cm long

Important: After I build the bed, I found out that a mattress of 70 cm wide and 140 cm long would have been way easier. That is a standard size and is also cheaper when you order it online.

Of course we could just lay the mattress on the floor, but that is just too easy. I wanted to create a very simple (read: cheap) frame that would just interlock using cutouts (edge cross lap joints, to be precise). Turns out my wife had a different idea in mind. She had the wonderful idea to turn the bed in a reading nook. That meant, a small bookcase or shelf needed to be added! Alright, no problem I redid the drawings and made some new calculations. Then a colleague came up with the idea of a secret compartment under the bookcase. By adding hinges of some sort to the bottom that was relatively easy and pretty awesome, so I took that into account too.

Like I said, we went for a mattress that was 80 cm wide and 160 cm long, the bookcase needed to be at least 28 cm deep and 30 cm heigh to make room for even the biggest books. The extra shelf on the headboard did not need to be of a specific depth, as long as it could hold a glass of water it would be alright.

All in all I have spent a bit und 50 EUR on all the wood (that is a bit more than 56 USD). I bought 18 mm spruce furniture boards and I had them directly cut to size at the hardware store (they do that for free). Screws were "for free", because I collect them whenever I can and also the dowels and centering spikes were already in my possession from another project (although I needed to buy another pack of dowels, because I ran out). One tool I used, I borrowed from a friend. It is a guide to drill the holes, don't what to call it exactly, but it made drilling straight, in the right spot and a lot easier!

Of course if you want to recreate this Instructable, you can adjust all the measurements, forget about the book case or or the shelf or just make it completely different! I would propose you use wood you have already lying around, if you have any.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Tools that where used in the process are:

  • Pencil
  • Ruler and carpenter’s square
  • Drill with appropriate drill bits (Ø 3 mm for the screws & Ø 8 mm for the dowels)
  • Centering spikes for positioning the holes for the dowels
  • Sandpaper and sanding blocks
  • Rubber maller or rubber hammer

Then some hardware was be used to put it all together:

  • Wood glue
  • Dowels, Ø 8 mm, 40 mm long
  • Wood screws (I used countersunk ones with a dimension of 40×4 mm and 30×4 mm for the supports)

As far as material goes, this is what went in to the bed:

  • 5 pine boards, 18×300×800 mm:
    • Board 1: Top of the bookcase
    • Board 2: Headboard
    • Board 3: Sides of the bookcase (300×400 mm, 2 pieces)
    • Board 4: Shelf on the headboard and the footboard under the bookcase (140×800 mm, 160×800 mm)
    • Board 5: Bottom shelf of the bookcase (290×800 mm)
  • 1 pine board, 18×300×2000 mm
    • Side rails (140×1920 mm, 2 pieces)
  • 1 poplar multiplex sheet, 800×522mm — back of the bookcase
  • 4 pine boards, 18×200×800 mm
    • Bed slats (100×800, 8 pieces)
  • 2 slats, XX×XX×1600 mm — bed slats support

The idea of making the bottom of the bookcase into a secret compartment was easily solved. I glued two dowels into the board, left and right, and made the corresponding holes in the sides a bit too big, so they could freely rotate.

It's called a pocket screw jig. they are quite nice!
<p>That turned out real nice.</p>
Thank you!
<p>What little girl wouldn't love that? Yours has a gifted dad. Voice of experience here...I'm glad to see the mattress is up on slats. Putting a mattress directly on a floor without a vapor barrier somewhere between the warm body and the floor can be a disaster. We put an eight inch foam mattress on an oak floor above an unheated garage. It rotted the floor. Warm air meets cold floor = condensation. Not good. </p>
Yup! That was also what I wanted to avoid. :D Too bad you had to find out the hard way...
This is so cute! I love the entire room.
Thanks :) I have to thank my wife for that!
<p>Really good</p>
<p>Thank you</p>
<p>A really lovely little reading nook/bed. Thanks for sharing your build!</p>
<p>&quot;I love it when a plan comes together!&quot; We like it too, and my daughter does too! :)</p>

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