Step 12: Tie Some Knots

Picture of Tie Some Knots
starting from the back, the canvas side, poke the twine through the drilled holes and stitch the floppy disks to each other and to the canvas. Secure with a square knot and secure the knot further with glue. when stitching an edge, simply thread the twine around that edge and secure as before. the third picture details the needles used.
storygarvie5 years ago
I put the floppies in position on an old white towel,  then used an awl to punch through the towel, which held the hole-shape really well until I could get the ziptie through the hole and towel.  Plus I don't have a sewing machine so I didn't have to hem the towel.
storygarvie5 years ago
 I just rescued a whole mess of floppies destined for the trash bin at my work and I'm totally making this bag.  What do you think of using colored zip ties instead of twine?  I like the yellow on black contrast, but I don't think I have the patience to tie so many knots.
I built 2 versions of this bag. One the size mentioned above and another smaller one. I made both using small ZipTies and no fabric.

I had the same idea of using ZipTies with the fabric but was unsure how to proceed. Use a knife and cut small holes? Any suggestions?
imanalchemist (author)  ogmosic5 years ago
I would suggest using some sort of punch, a large needle, or a small hobby knife would work fine.