Picture of Floppy Disk Bag
This is a bag I made from floppy disks. I found scads of floppy disks in a dumpster and wanted to make plate mail armor out of it (that is my next floppy project) I found out that a bag would be a great proof of concept project. Here goes...
Check out the update (2008) and my new bag: Floppy Disk Bag: Install Disk 2

Step 1: Required Bits

Picture of Required Bits
Drill, hand, regular or trephine
1/8" drill bit
Pliers, I used bulldog pliers
Floppy disks (CRUCIAL)
Links, bits of chain from your local bead store
Nails and a plank o' wood
A pen
Elementary math skills Eg: the ability to count
The hardware for adding a strap
the strap
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SarahW2223 days ago

Great idea....but had to raise an eyebrow at the term "man-store"...good to see sexism is alive and kicking, always just below the surface...

Dont need to make jump rings you self, its nuts you can get for next to nothing at www.beadingsupplys.com/

this is really interesting!
psicosis3 years ago
love it!
pyromonkey3 years ago
This would be such an awesome project for Comic Con!!
Annix153 years ago
You are a woman? (painted toenails)
Viaticus3 years ago
Very cool use of floppies. Are those YOUR painted toenails?
dagelias3 years ago
really cool bag! I want to make one out of old CD`s how do you think that will work? ideas on how to do it anyone??
jwarren34 years ago
Wow! This is really cool :D A question- where did you get your white floppy discs from?? I'm planning on making a multicoloured bag, with black and white also, but I can't find any white ones :/
reto1 jwarren33 years ago
Hi there,

I have ca. 50 new floppy disks I don't know how to get rid of. I can send them to you for free if you can cover the postage and if you are still interested of course.
yaaahhh!!!...I wish I can have a bag like that...
shaawn5 years ago
Very nice! You can just put a sleeve into the bag, a lining of some kind. That would keep things from falling through the joins. You can use different materials for different functions, colours, textures. eg: a plastic bag insert - for sweaty sports- wear or frozen foods. Different colours - to match occasions, a padded liner for a laptop...
imanalchemist (author)  shaawn5 years ago
take a look at the next installment of floppy disk bags, it comes canvas lined for just that reason.
Where'll I find the next installment?
imanalchemist (author)  shaawn5 years ago

zack2475 years ago
i think i found a new laptop bag...
Very creative way to reuse useless floppy disks! i'll be keeping my eye out for floppy disks the next time i go out now, they definitely make better bags than coasters!
dwendell5 years ago
A thought. The stainless steel jump rings seem like they could add up to an substantial total given the quantity you need ( four per disk). Fishing and support ing goods stores (e. g. Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Sports Authority, Dick's etc.) have small "split rings" (like those used for keys) which are used for fishing tackle.

They usually sell in paks of 5 or 10 for a little more than what one jump ring seems to cost. If true stainless steel is not available, some fishing ones are labeled as "English stainless" which is actually some kind of plating on either steel or brass, but seems to resist corrosion fairly well. It seems like these would be easy to install as compared to having to bend open and then bend closed the split rings, as long as you buy relatively thin split rings. If opening the split rings is difficult for you (as for me, having lost some feeling in my finger tips as I get old and decrepit), you will find very near the split rings in the sporting goods store a tool called a "split ring pliers" (for about $10). The pliers make opening them simple.
pleasesmile7 years ago
a couple of quick questions!!! Where exactly did you find these "links?" ALSO, could you PLEASE put up how to put on the strap?! I'm planning on making one for Christmas, and I would love to see how you did it! Thanks!
I make jewelry and we call them 'jump rings'. You can buy them online in a variety of metals from gold and sterling (I would reserve these two for my couture version of the bag) to base metals. The base metal ones are very inexpensive and they are already made for you. :)

Here's a couple:


stainless steel
Also ... open the rings from side to side instead of top to bottom to keep from weakening them.
shilpi295 years ago
I really liked this idea, but frankly speaking it has become very common now.. can anyone suggest me ideas other than bag and Pen stand ? i have so many floppy disks lying and wanna doing something really different. Thanks
The ones with a full circle of liner make good coasters when split in two - saves a lot of coffee rings on the furniture (at work, we make tea in a mug with a teabag - when you squeeze the teabag with a spoon to take it out, it often squirts down the side of the mug, so these blotting-paper coasters are great). Cheap floppies only have a titchy bit of liner though.
heacoxr5 years ago
Now you have a bag with over 40mb of storage.
aunt margie5 years ago
I just have some questions. Since people mention canvas liners or towels being attached to the disks, what value are the disks adding to the item? Is it only decorative or do they somehow add to the functionality? It's a lot easier to make a bag just from canvas. The kind of reuse I think of for recycling things is a use that needs some quality that the thing has. The only way I've used floppy disks so far is to hot-glue four of them together in a stack for use as a weight at the end of a thick cord. They already have a hole big enough for the cord, and enough weight to keep the cord in place when it is stretched between two railings. They have enough color to be attractive and they are not sharp or heavy enough to be dangerous like a chunk of junk metal. Not that I don't think the bags are cute -- but is that the only reason to use the floppies?
todddiskin5 years ago
You can easily make jump rings from wire/paper clips:
NT867 years ago
lol excel on a floppy disk
bFusion NT866 years ago
I remember when Windows 3.1 came on a series of like 8 or 10 floppy disks. It's scary to think that some MP3 files in my library easily exceed that file size.
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sartay6 years ago
I'm still making mine, but in my Robotics club at school, we had a ton of small zip ties laying around that we didn't need, so I asked if I could have them. They work great as connectors! I'm using braided monitor power cords as straps, but only because I can't find any long enough IDE cables. I plan on using mine the entire next school year. I have tons of floppies for repairs.
scottamus8 years ago
Your straps need to be flat IDE cables! I must have 3 dozen of those useless things.
that scatt is the thing that will make me do this!! I was on edge..."hmmm, well if I get time" but I have so much dead IDE laying around, and just got 2 computers worth new. thanks!
Derin scottamus7 years ago
say that again and i will kill you DAMN U SATA
SATA's not bad. But it's a pain when you get just one IDE slot and a half-dozen SATA ports.
thepelton6 years ago
Cute! Just the place for some flash drives.
ian2mic6 years ago
I'm trying to think how I can make this completely with computer related items. I would be cool to figure out how to use old cables as straps.
bFusion ian2mic6 years ago
You could maybe use old-school IDE cables, the light gray ones? You might need to reinforce them, depending on what you plan on carrying around... but it'd work :D
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