Step 12: Power to you, and other notes

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Upon initial usage of this bag I got three offers to buy one and also realized that it needed some kind of interior reinforcement to make it able to bear weight easily. I suggest sealing the inside with duct or packing tape to keep problems from arising.Enjoy this newfound skill.
psicosis3 years ago
love it!
jwarren34 years ago
Wow! This is really cool :D A question- where did you get your white floppy discs from?? I'm planning on making a multicoloured bag, with black and white also, but I can't find any white ones :/
shaawn5 years ago
Very nice! You can just put a sleeve into the bag, a lining of some kind. That would keep things from falling through the joins. You can use different materials for different functions, colours, textures. eg: a plastic bag insert - for sweaty sports- wear or frozen foods. Different colours - to match occasions, a padded liner for a laptop...
imanalchemist (author)  shaawn5 years ago
take a look at the next installment of floppy disk bags, it comes canvas lined for just that reason.
Where'll I find the next installment?
imanalchemist (author)  shaawn4 years ago

highvoltage7 years ago
Yep, I'll be making one ;) Maybe it would work better to sew together the older, actually "floppy" floppy disks... they're also bigger so it would be a little less work maybe.
imanalchemist (author)  highvoltage7 years ago
See my other instructable. C:/tote (Yes I know it should be A:/ or B:/)
geekdude8 years ago
if you open these up there is a circular metalic-plastic disc inside. it is allmost impossable to break. i bet if your links went through that it would be stronger. like if the links were in the middle of the side, and set back a centimeter or 2 instead of the corners. you may also have to close up the corners too so that stuff doesnt fall out.
belonica8 years ago
so sexy :\