Step 3: Drill and Link, Horizontal Linking

Picture of Drill and Link, Horizontal Linking
The horizontal is the most easy to drill because it has premarked holes. for one all you have to do is unlock the disk. Then drill a hole in the divots already in place. Insert the links and squeeze shut
pleasesmile7 years ago
a couple of quick questions!!! Where exactly did you find these "links?" ALSO, could you PLEASE put up how to put on the strap?! I'm planning on making one for Christmas, and I would love to see how you did it! Thanks!
I make jewelry and we call them 'jump rings'. You can buy them online in a variety of metals from gold and sterling (I would reserve these two for my couture version of the bag) to base metals. The base metal ones are very inexpensive and they are already made for you. :)

Here's a couple:


stainless steel
Also ... open the rings from side to side instead of top to bottom to keep from weakening them.
todddiskin5 years ago
You can easily make jump rings from wire/paper clips:
hiding-dog6 years ago
Links. Could they be taken from a length of chain? Seperated with pliers and utilised? Someone else try it as I don't have any chain.
imanalchemist (author)  hiding-dog6 years ago
theoretically they coulld.
Neodudeman8 years ago
It looks like this might've taken a bit