Picture of Floppy Disk Bird Feeder
Make a bird-feeder using only 3 Floppy Disks, 12 Floppy Disk Labels (Or masking tape), Hot Glue and String.

Sorry this is so simplistic and has such terrible accompanying photos, I will edit it later.
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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
~ Three floppy disks

~ Twelve floppy disk labels, or sticky tape (wide)

~ String

~ Hot Glue (Not strictly necessary if you like the look of it with tape. If I had used labels I wouldn't have used it except for attaching the string.).

~ Scissors

Step 2: Stick the floppies.

Picture of Stick the floppies.
Put sticky tape or the disk labels around both edges of the bottom of the disk equally.

Step 3: Preparing the Disk

Picture of Preparing the Disk
Pry off the sliding metal bit on top of the disk and then carefully pry it apart on the top 3 sides.
Take the cotton off of the disk surface and then keep it for nesting material as well as the plastic disk in the middle for another project.

Step 4: Cut A Door

Picture of Cut A Door
Cut a door in one of your disk sides like illustrated in the picture.

Step 5: Put your piece together.

Picture of Put your piece together.
Assemble the bird feeder by taping the walls together or you could choose to glue it.

Step 6: To use glue

Picture of To use glue
Untape each section and hot glue the connections to the disks touching it.

Step 7: Attach a string

Picture of Attach a string
Just grab some hot glue and glue the string to the top.

Step 8: Pack your Box

Picture of Pack your Box
Put the cotton in the feeder from the disks and then maybe a little seed and hang in the garden somewhere.
hoho1232316 years ago
I thought you would need a knife to cut the floppy disk
stranoster (author)  hoho1232316 years ago
I just used my fingers, but I'll edit it in as an optional component in the next edit. Thanks for the hint.
I guess you lost site of the editing you were talking about doing? Would love to see a newer one with the care you spoke about. None-the-less, excellent idea for all those old floppies!
stranoster (author)  Lawknee4 years ago
Yeah, in my final year of High School, so I've been caught up in that :) Only a matter of time though, I'll be going through and altering most of my instructables, adding a few more too :D Thanks for the rev up, I'll do my best to get it up soon, just need to buy a new camera.
pfiddle6 years ago
Excellent It's our own "Blue Peter" site. I've sent the addy to a dozen or more. pfiddle
uguy6 years ago
"This would look better with the care and attention that it warrants putting it together. :)" If making an instructable doesn't warrant the attention to make it look better then why do it?