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Introduction: Floppy Disk Notebook

In this video, I give you some pretty simple instructions for making a Floppy Disk Notebook. I was reading Makezine a few weeks ago and I decided to follow through with their re-make. I think I did a rather poor job on the one in the video.

I would probably recommend buying a small pad or using post-its rather than cutting paper up. The cutting process can be messy unless you have a long-arm paper cutter.



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    Nice idea, for an easier method clamp the paper and floppies as a book then drill the two holes for the ties through the whole lot in one go ,no need to punch the paper!

    GUILLOTINE!!!!!!!!!!! not gillateen or guilitine it's GUILLOTINE ps. nice instructable :-)

    3 replies

    what are you talking about? did you mean: gillateen?

    it's spelled guillotine.not gillateen.

    Lol, i know the gilateen you are talking baout. Those things are amazing! I had some fliers made up they used the gilateen to cut the papers in half.

    2 replies

    a long-arm paper cutter.

    whenever i use one ofe those gilateens i have an uncontrolable urge to say "Off with it's head!" nice job on the instructable.

    very nice
    i think i have a stockin stuffer!

    I made mine and it is so useful! *blur for security reasons

    note pad.jpg

    If you don't mind using only one side of the paper, you could recycle scrap paper for this. :-)

    Neat! Will try to make one for myself.

    Cool, I think that this is the only thing, the floppy discs can be used for

    Looks pretty cool! Will try this is I get some floppy disks.

    Nice, i like this, youve done well, i work at a printers, so i can get the guys on the big gulituines to cut me up some papers!