Picture of Floppy Disk Notepad
Have you ever had way too many unused floppy disks and needed to write something down at the same time? Yeah. All the time. I know.

Here is a solution that solves both of those problems at once: a miniature notebook made with floppy disks. Geeky and stylish!

Step 1: You will need...

Picture of You will need...
You don't need much for this project, and what you do, you should already have.

You will need...

6-8 Sheets of Paper
Something to cut the paper with
A Pen or Pencil
Drill with Assorted Drill Bits
Two Floppy Disks
Stiff Wire or small Chain Links
Soldering Iron (Only necessary if you're making your own chain links)
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ezraG3 years ago
does anyone know where you can get those cool macintosh floppy disks from?
jordan47623 years ago
You get 8 sheets of paper and 2 floppy disks of text-storage
sabbott4 years ago
I often save the plastic binding from spiral bound materials when i recycle the paper. but haven't figured out what to do with it yet.
this gave me an idea -- drill more holes, then thread the spiral binding through. You could hold a lot more paper that way, and it wouldn't move around too much.
timothymh5 years ago
 Binder clip rings! You can get 'em for cheap at any office supply store.
lieuwe6 years ago
couldn't you have used the write-protection holes? saves you some work :-P
i love the old macintosh floppys because i have abunch lying around... but i think they all have important information on them... heh
metroid626 years ago
I made one, but the holes are messed up a bit. Oh well. Anyways, Great job.
yeah brilliant. great floppy art
I'm trying to find a "post it" pad that's the proper size to mount between the floppies. Thanks for the great idea!
maslo6 years ago
Nice i'ble. It reminds me of me making a spiral notepad out of my favorite postcard and a copper wire.
akinich6 years ago
hey you can always use a soldering iron to make a hole . thats what i did since i do not have a drill any way this idea rules
cdwarch6 years ago
You can use binder rings from an office supply store if you want to refill the notebook many times. Drilling through the floppies and the paper is a good idea!
That is wicked, G! god damn man, that is like totally rad to the power of sick, man. I'm gonna go and buy a whole heap of floppy disks and paper and make a whole heap of these and then sell them on the black market and make a killing, oh yeah, look what you have created... well, I'm at least going to make one... but yeah, rad, sick, fully wicked, aiiiiiiight!
fedecale6 years ago
SO FKING AWEZOME :P srusly pretty cool
maxman6 years ago
You have inspired me to make my own. Any ideas on how to attach a little pen/pencil?
Vynash6 years ago
Dude.... This is amazing, it would be perfect for my homework assignment pad! I must build this in my free time! Fived and faved!
greensteam6 years ago
This is great. Another super repurposing of old computer junk. We may never need the new electronic waste disposal regulations at this rate. I would reccommend using keyrings or split washers to save on the faff of making copper rings.
rosquillo6 years ago
Thanks! I've got a wire spring binder and I'll try to make one like yours with two 5 1/4 inch floppys (remeber, those greater and softer).
maxxxem6 years ago
i made one of these like a year ago and i still have it 5**
This is an absolutely brilliant idea!! I am a reasonably geeky person and i just have to try this.
munchman6 years ago
Awesome. I'm making one of these
Dang. I was meaning to do this instructable for forever but kept putting it off. Great instructable, with the floppy disk pen holder and this, everyone can insure their status as the uber geek in their office building.
ICE_T7 years ago
this and the floppy disk pen holder were the perfect birthday gift for my dad, he loves 'em both
I made these last year with my students, but they were a little more simple. We used the holes that are already in the floppies. We also used key rings that could be taken off to easily replenish paper. They are quite fun. Good job 1up!
1up (author)  DuckyMakesWhat7 years ago
Thank you! I didn't use the original holes because the rings would have fallen over to the side, making it hard to open. Nice idea, though. ;)
Really cool Idea! Good use for old floppies. Good job explaining how to do it to.
Also you can use a computer to make templates with lines.
then write the file on the front disk! the irony is that you destroy the template before you use it
1up (author)  computergeek7 years ago
Thank you. :)
Dude! this roxorz! I'm making one right now, but it's kinda late, so I'll finish it tommarrow! :( Oh well. Great instructable, by the way! Faved
1up (author)  Pixel_Master7 years ago
Cool! Post some pics when you're done! :D
sure!!!! i'll post some pics as soon as I can!!
lawizeg7 years ago
I love you.
1up (author)  lawizeg7 years ago
Oh really? Got plenty of floppy disks? :)
This idea has been posted in a video already! It was on metacafe and is now posted on instructables.
1up (author)  computerwiz_2227 years ago
Really? I didn't know somebody had already made a video about it... Oh, well.
Another great Instructable 1up! I'll ask my dad if he has any at work, I want to do this. Maybe cram some LED's in there, that would be awesome! +1 rating. (added to favorites)
really, about 3 months ago I threw away about 1200 used 720k disks. Sigh oh well. I am sure there are a few hanging around somewhere
1up (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Really? Sweet! Post a picture for me if you do! :D
brainwise7 years ago
Great idea for recycling floppies. You get a +1 just for using classic Mac floppies.
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