Floppy disk planters are a great way to use old floppy disks that you may have lying around.  They are made simply from floppies glued together to form a cube and adding a liner on the inside.

Step 1: Materials:

  • Six floppy disks per planter
  • Plastic bottle or yogurt container (this will be the inside liner)
  • Plant
  • Gravel  (optional)
  • Activated charcoal (optional)


  • Glue
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors/knife/Dremel
  • Pencil
  • Clothespins/clips
  • Adhesive remover (if necessary)

<p>A little hot glue goes a long way. </p>
<p>Cool, I like the colours!</p>
<p>Done! Thanks for the idea.</p>
<p>Nice! Thanks for posting.</p>
I was just wondering what type of plant is that in the pictures? cause it look like a really cool viney one.
Yes, I really like it, though I picked up at a grocery store for $1.99, the tag just said it was tropical but didn't give it's name.
I love your planters, Chrys! You have my vote!!!!<br />
Thanks (I voted for yours too)!<br />
These would also make cute desktop containers for pens and whatnot.&nbsp;
I love the idea, but how do you keep the pot from overflowing? I don't remember catching that part in the instructable.<br />
Do you mean drainage.&nbsp; I didn't add drainage holes in these ones but I think I will in future ones.&nbsp; I&nbsp;would add holes in the bottom of the liner and put a saucer underneath.&nbsp; For these I will have to be careful not to over water them.<br />
Why has it taken me this long to find this!?!<br /> <br /> 5*, subbed!<br />
Thanks for the rating + sub!<br />
&nbsp;awesome! i can use it for my school project. thanks!!
that is so cool but i dont have any; dont u get those at office depot?? :)
You can probably still get them at computer stores though it seems a waste to buy them, can you ask friends or family is they have any old ones lying around.<br />
Who'd ever thought?&nbsp;&nbsp; ChrysN, that's who! Great stuff, Chrys...good luck in the contest. Cman<br />
Thanks Cman, you always say such nice things!<br />
How well does the Weldbond adhere to the floppies?<br />
Weldbond adheres really well.&nbsp; A glue gun would probably work too, but the one I have is really lousy.<br />
&nbsp;Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
Thanks!<br />
That's lovely. <br /> I always like to try and re-use all those old things that end up being useless for anything ever again.<br /> <br /> Well, almost.<br /> <br /> Thankyou.<br />

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