Introduction: Floppy Bag

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What do you do with the old floppies? Recycle then!

Step 1: We Need the Following Materials

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- 12 floppies disk
- data cable
- coloured data cable
- plastic cable ties
- coloured fabric to line the bag

Step 2: Prepare Floppies and Join Them

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Pierce with drill the floppies, tie them together.
Build two blocks of six with their handles
Hold together the handles with plastic cable ties.

Step 3: Join Two Blocks

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Join the two blocks with data cable like shown in the following pictures.

Step 4: Sew the Lining

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Take a suitable fabric, fold the top edges, add the outer edges, sew the two bottom corners.
It would be desirable to insert a straw at the top to reinforce the border.
Now attach the lining to the top of the bag of floppies with the sewing thread.

Step 5: The End of Work

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For more details see

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