inspired by a few other instructables and slideshows like this one mainly http://www.instructables.com/id/Earrings-made-from-floppy-disk-parts/ , i decided to make a chain necklace for myself and a pair of earrings for my girlfriend. tell me what you think.

note- dont tell me that im copying, i havent ever seen the necklace done in that way before, plus the earring design i altered a little bit. even still, people put instructables on here so that other people can try to make what they did.

I like them better without the V ring and just one jump ring.
I made myself some just like the earrings you made today. Thanks.
this is awesome - i shuld totally make myself a pair  ^_^
TimTheScarecrow (author)  MissMandyLynne5 years ago
yeah but finding the floppy disk is the hard part - i dont know if we have any laying around anymore
TimTheScarecrow (author)  MissMandyLynne5 years ago
ummmmm...... mine were laying around so i cant give any suggestions as to where they would be. maybe office max
ill find some dont worry - thanx though  ^_^
TimTheScarecrow (author)  MissMandyLynne5 years ago
inform me when you do. I NEEEEDDDD ITTTTTT
hey, i was thinking of making a pair of earrings for my girlfriend myself (she's into computer stuff) and im having trouble getting the piece out of the cartridge, how do u get it out?

TimTheScarecrow (author)  vandamfan12345 years ago
break open the plastic case. then when you have just the black floppy circle with the metalpiece. pop the piece out of the center with your thumbs
well its being very mean and it like super glued shut lol.
should i cut it open with a utility knife or will it mess up the piece?
TimTheScarecrow (author)  vandamfan12345 years ago
yeah you can cut it open. since the piece is in the direct center and is metal i think it should be fine
oh k thanks